Call Name:  Boomer
Color:  Cream
Sex:  Male
Born:   Sept. 9, 2005  
Bred by:   Sherrie Determan
Owned by:   John & Kimberley Tansek  
Parents Grand-Parents Great Grand-Parents Great Great Grand-Parents
 Tansek's Gizmo / cream  Ch. Shoh-Dee's Nip-N-Tuck / cream  Filbrun's-Biddle's Jack Frost / cream  Mister Bears Majic Man Tu
 Ch. Bandits Oh Glory Be
 Bob-C-Bear's Midnight Sonata / black  Ch. Shoh-Dee's Trackin To Bob-C-Bear
 Shoh-Dee's Midnight Melody / black
 Minsh Lilly / cream  Ch. Shoh-Dee's The White Lion / cream  Filbrun's-Biddle's Jack Frost / cream
 Shoh-Dee's Midnight Angel / black
 Ch. Cherie's Heart's Delight O'Minsh / red  Cherie's Task Force O'Kamenah
 Cherie's Latte O'Hannabal
 Can. Ch. Chrisma Jussa Lil NY Elegnce / red  Am\Cn\Ch Pondview Samson Of Chowdown / red  Am.Ch Trages Cagney / red  Filburn Biddles Jack Frost / cream
 Trages Chessa Ti / red
 Am\CH Koby's Anticipation  Am\Ch Jaden Kobi / ROM / red
 Am\Ch Crystal Lake Katie At Koby's / ROM
 Am\Cn\Ch Meyers Ellegance Of Chrisma / red  Am\CH Koby's Anticipation  Am\Ch Bandit Monterey Jack / cream
 Kitts Golden Image Of Echo / red
 Noble House Meyer's Sunsplash  Lohan Noblehouse Ian
 Noble House Empress Of China